COVID-19 Policy and Protocol: Please Read Prior to Your Appointment

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Effective as of September 1, 2020, and until further notice, we are beginning Phase 1 of easing physical distancing restrictions and practices at Imagine Medispa, moving one baby-step towards returning to whatever the new version of normal will be. Each phase of Imagine's restriction easing protocol will be in congruence with the Guidance and Best Practices for the Safe Resumption of Practice for Board of Medicine Licensees document released by the West Virginia Board of Medicine and any subsequent orders and/or guidelines issued by the WV Board of Medicine and the Governor's Office. We ask that you review and become familiar with our Phase 1 protocol so we can all continue to work together to keep everyone healthy and safe as we all get through this together. To stay informed as updates to the protocol are released, please subscribe to our Newsletter. Phase 1 restriction easing protocol is as follows:

Imagine Medispa - Covid-19 Restriction Easing Protocol: Phase 1

Beginning September 1, 2020 until TBA

Restrictions/Changes in Restrictions:

  • Now Seeing New and Existing Bariatric and Skin Care Patients - Whether your last visit was 30 days ago, 20 years ago, or if this is your very first appointment, you can now make an appointment to be seen by a physician for wellness, weight control and skin care (limited services for skin care).

  • By Appointment Only/No Walk-ins - At this time we are not able to accept walk-ins or have anyone in the building who doesn't have an appointment. We also ask that you remain in your vehicle, at least 15 ft. away from all office entrances until we instruct you to enter the building for your appointment.

  • All Faces Must Be Covered Before Entering Office - Before entering the office building for your appointment, you must cover your face with a mask, and your mask must remain on at all times until you exit the building. NO Exceptions.

  • 1 Patient at a Time - At this time, we are only allowing one patient in the office building at a time. Please do not bring your children or any other guests with you to your appointment. If you take advantage of our Bring Your Spouse or Bring a Friend monthly coupons and bring a friend or a spouse to Imagine, you can do that and redeem the coupon, but one of you will have to book separate appointments and one will wait in your vehicle while the other attends their appointment. So, when you make your appointment, be sure to make two appointments back to back, one for you and one for your friend or spouse.

  • Patient's Required Lab Work Must Be Up-to-Date - In order to be treated by a practitioner for weight loss, your lab work must be up-to-date on the day of the appointment. If your lab work cannot be verified or has expired*, your practitioner will order new lab work panels that must be completed before your second appointment in order to continue treatment.

Required Lab Work Panels are:

CBC CMP Lipid Hgba1c Tsh

*Lab work results are valid for 12 months. For information on why, for your safety, you should always have lab work done before beginning any medical weight loss treatment, click here.

Directives for the Day of Your Appointment:

Because of the steps we are taking to reduce any potential risk of Covid-19 infection, you may have to wait a little longer than you are used to. Please, be patient with us, follow the following directives to assist us in keeping things flowing and reducing wait times as much as possible.

  • If you are sick, Stay Home! - If you have a fever or have any cold and flu-like symptoms, please call us to cancel your appointment or reschedule.

  • Checking-in - When you arrive at Imagine Medispa, please park and remain in your vehicle. Then, give us a call to check-in, and let us know that you are in your car, in the parking lot. Then, remain in your vehicle until we call you back to let you know that you may enter the building through the designated door. We will be seeing each patient one at a time, with only one patient in the building at any time. After a patient checks out and leaves the building, we will clean and disinfect, preparing for the next patient waiting in the lot.

  • Your Appointment - Once it is time for your appointment, we will call you, who will be waiting in your vehicle, and let you know that it is time for you to exit your vehicle and enter the building through the designated door.

  • Checking-out - once your appointment is over, you will be taken to the front desk to check out. There you will pay for your appointment, medication, and supplements, book your next appointment, and then you are free to go. Please exit the building through the designated door and promptly return to your vehicle.

Thank you for taking the time to review our current Covid-19 directives and for your cooperation in helping us keep all of us safe as we continue the path of your wellness journey. Thank you, and stay smart and stay safe out there. *If you have any questions, please go to to fill out a contact form or find several other ways to communicate with us. -Imagine Medispa, LLC

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