Imagine Medispa: Black Friday/Cyber Monday

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It's that time of year again. The time of year when millions of people evacuate the Thanksgiving dinner tables to rush to the malls, strip malls, and Wally Worlds to stand in the cold for hours in order to fight their way into the stores to stake their claims to the next shiny, new gadget or tickle-me-gizmo.

However, subscribers to the Imagine Medispa Newsletter can rest assured that they will never have to fight their way through our doors, wait for hours to get deals or to be seen for an appointment (or walk-ins). That's right, all subscribers to the Imagine Medispa Newsletter and Subscribers to the Imagine Medispa Website get all of the great monthly deals and holiday promotions, as well as, news and updates on all things Imagine Medispa, sent right to their email inboxes.

As a subscriber, you won't have to worry about missing Thanksgiving dinner to stand out in the freezing cold to get amazing deals on your health and wellness this holiday season. It takes literally less than a minute to subscribe and then you can just sit back and watch the deals come to you. To subscribe,


Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday/Cyber Monday Weekend! Just keep this in mind when you are out there shopping.... They are probably going to end up playing with the box anyway!

To receive this year's Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals, you must be subscribed to the Imagine Medispa Newsletter by December 4, 2019. Those who subscribe after December 4, will not receive the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals, but will continue to receive our Newsletter and great Monthly Coupons that will save you up to 50% on your Health and Wellness visits.

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