Important News for Princeton Patients

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Outline of Important Information from the Notice Below:

  • A water pipe in the Princeton office burst and flooded the entire building.

  • As of Wednesday, January 29, 2020, Imagine's Princeton Office will be closed for repairs.

  • All Princeton appointments will be redirected to the Beckley Office until the Princeton Office reopens.

  • This Saturday (February 1, 2020) is the first Saturday of the month, and the Beckley and Charleston offices will be open from 9am-1pm

  • If you have any questions or need to make a new or change an existing appointment, call or send us a message.

Please Excuse the Mess!

"Please Excuse the Mess!" - That was the subtitle of the notice we sent out last Thursday to all patients subscribed to our email list or who are members of the Imagine Medispa website. Most of you may have since seen a link to the notice posted and shared on Facebook. If you have read that notice, you know that we had a "bit of a flooding" issue at our Princeton Office.

A pipe busted last week and really made a mess of the place. We initially thought that the damage wasn't too bad. So, the notice was to let you know that we were working hard to clean up the mess and still planning on being open on Friday - and we were open last Friday and this past Monday. But we were a bit too optimistic about the condition of the extent of the damage.

After spending the last week assessing the damage, it is clear that we are going to have to make some major repairs to the building's infrastructure .

So, unfortunately, as of Wednesday, January 29, 2020, the Imagine Medispa - Princeton office is going to to be closed until those repairs are made.

In the meantime...

We have been redirecting all Princeton appointments to our office in Beckley. We realize that for some of our patients, driving to Beckley is going to be quite a haul, when you are so used to having us conveniently located in Princeton for the past ___ years. For that we are very sorry. But what do we do when faced with acts of God or faulty plumbing? We work together to rebuild... and maybe file an insurance claim and hope for the best.

But if there is a silver lining in all of this, it is this...

Those of you who are subscribed to our mailing list and receive our monthly coupons each month know that you can bring your spouse or a friend to your office visit, and both of you will get half-off the price of your visit, each and every time. So, maybe this can be an opportunity to spend more time with the one's you love by taking a short little road trip to Beckley. It's home of the Tamarack, you know? After your appointment in Beckley, you could enjoy a meal at one of these top restaurants in the Beckley. After lunch, walk off your meal by taking a scenic hike at the Paul Cline Memorial Sports Complex, and then make the quick trip back to Princeton... You can even skip the tolls if you take the scenic route through Beaver, Shady Springs and Ghent (Route 19).


This Saturday is the first Saturday of the month, and the Beckley and Charleston offices will be open from 9am-1pm. Admit it, you already hired the sitter this weekend, but you still had no idea what you are going to do for date night this Saturday. We planned your whole date this Saturday for you, and it all starts with another step towards hitting and maintaining your wellness goals, as you continue your treatment with Imagine Medispa.

In All Seriousness Though...

This update was lovingly sprinkled with humor, because as Jimmy Buffet says "If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane."

We know what an inconvenience this will be for many of you, but we hope that this won't discourage you from staying committed to your health and wellness goals and to all of the many steps that you have traveled so far. We are just asking you to please stay focused, be patient and stay tuned as we rebuild what was damaged by the water.

We will be sending updates as things progress. Hopefully we can get the Princeton office repaired very soon, and then we can this whole mess behind us. Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your wellness journey!

Stay Focused. Stay Committed. Be Well.

-Imagine Medispa

As always, we are here if you have any questions, just call or send us a message.

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