Phenhance: Weight Loss Medication Booster

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Patients can add a boost to their weight loss treatment and increase the effectiveness and longevity of weight loss medication by using Phenhance.

Phenhance is Imagine Medispa's  "newest and first doctor formulated supplement designed to enhance the benefits of Phentermine and other pharmacotherapies while helping to alleviate any potential side effects."

  • Helps Support the benefits of Phentermine while minimizing some of the most common side effects including irritability and mood swings

  • Enhances the efficacy of Phentermine and other pharmacotherapies without increasing the dosage

Ask your Imagine Medispa Practitioner about adding the Phenhance supplement to your weight loss treatment, and put your weight loss treatment in overdrive.

Phenhance is a specially formulated supplement, exclusive to Imagine Medispa patients.

Phenhance is only to be used in conjunction with the patient's existing pharmacotherapy treatment at Imagine Medispa.

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