These combination capsules contain a variety of es-
sential amino acids that are formulated to optimize

and enhance weight loss in a healthy manner.


Morning amino acids (red capsules) contain L-
tyrosine(350mg) and Acetyl L- carnitine (50mg).

L-tyrosine helps prevent depression, maintain per-
formance and suppress appetite, all of these proper-
ties work to enhance weight loss. L-carnithine helps

transport fat into the mitochondria where it is burned

for energy. L-carnithine has also been recognized for

its memory enhancing effects on the central nervous

system (CNS).


Midday Amino Acids (blue capsules) contain L-Leucine

(300 mg), Acetyl L-Carnithine (50mg) and Malic acid

(50mg). L-leucine is unique among amino acids due

to its role in protein synthesis and maintaining blood

sugar levels. In exercise and/or periods of caloric de-
privation, L-leucine is supplied to the liver to maintain

blood glucose levels. While dieting, L-leucine is deliv-
ered from muscle to the liver where it is converted to

glucose and transported again to muscle as an energy

source. Acetyl L-carnithine again is present for its abil-
ity to enhance fat metabolism.


Evening Amino Acids (white capsules) contain L-Argi-
nine (350mg) and Malic Acid (50mg). L-Arginine is im-
portant in controlling the release of growth hormone,

which increases breakdown of fat stores. Malate is a

key element in the Citric Acid Cycle, the final pathway

for fat metabolism. During periods of increased fat

breakdown malate can actually be depleted, limiting

the effective rate of fat metabolism. Added malate

assists in maintenance of optimal fat destruction.

The amino acid capsules are recommended for anyone having difficulty meeting their daily protein

goals. (Vegan)

Amino Acid Combo